DOE recently resolved enforcement actions against two companies for failure to certify that the equipment they were distributing meets the applicable energy conservation standards.  DOE found that School Air Mfg. Corp. (d/b/a School Air, Inc.) and Temspec Incorporated had failed to certify their single package vertical air conditioners and heat pumps. 

In both of these cases, DOE assessed civil penalties of $8,000.  As part of the settlement, each company must submit the required certification reports, which include a certification that the products have been tested in accordance with the DOE test procedure and that the products meet the applicable standard(s).

Each company that imports or domestically produces covered products or equipment must submit to DOE a report certifying that its products or equipment comply with applicable federal energy and water conservation standards.  Certification is an important part of developing an effective program for ensuring that consumer products and commercial equipment manufactured for distribution in the United States save consumers money while minimizing their impact on the environment.  DOE relies on manufacturer’s self-certification in concert with Departmental testing to ensure manufacturers accurately represent the compliance of their products and equipment.

Documents related to certification violation are available here.