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The Department of Energy has settled civil penalty actions it initiated against nine companies for the manufacture and sale in the United States of products that fail to meet federal energy conservation standards. The covered consumer products and commercial/industrial equipment found in violation included automatic commercial ice makers, distribution transformers, external power supplies, showerheads and lighting products. The companies ceased all sales within the United States of the products that violated federal energy conservation standards.

The companies in each of these matters admitted they had manufactured, produced, assembled or imported products that did not meet applicable federal energy conservation standards.  The companies further admitted to distributing in commerce a total of more than 88,400 units of 88 basic models of these products between January 1, 2010, and February 28, 2013.  Each company paid a civil penalty to settle the case after DOE considered various factors including the nature and scope of the violations, a violator’s history of compliance or noncompliance, whether a violator is a small business, a violator’s ability to pay, a violator’s timely self-reporting of the violation, and any self-initiated corrective action by a violator.

Documents related to violations of the energy conservation standards are located here.