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U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) testing has identified one refrigerator and three room air conditioners that do not meet the ENERGY STAR program’s applicable energy efficiency requirements.

Avanti Products (“Avanti”) refrigerator basic model BCA4560W-2 and three Friedrich Air Conditioning Company (“Friedrich”) room air conditioner basic models (WS12C10, WS13C30, and US12C30) were selected for testing as part of the DOE ENERGY STAR Verification Testing Program.

DOE testing revealed that Avanti refrigerator basic model BCA4560W-2 does not meet the relevant ENERGY STAR energy efficiency requirement.  The four tested units of this model consumed energy at an average of 18% more than the allowed ENERGY STAR rate.

In addition, DOE testing demonstrated that Friedrich room air conditioner basic models WS12C10, WS13C30, and US12C30 do not meet the applicable ENERGY STAR energy efficiency requirement.  Each of the basic models tested below the minimum ENERGY STAR requirement of 9.4 EER.

DOE’s Office of Enforcement referred the four basic models to the Environmental Protection Agency, brand manager for the ENERGY STAR program, for appropriate action.