DOE settled enforcement actions against Fagor Commercial, Inc. and Master-Bilt Products for distributing commercial refrigeration equipment in the United States that do not meet applicable energy conservation standards. DOE also resolved an enforcement action against US, Inc. for failure to certify that the various basic models of commercial refrigeration equipment they were and are distributing meet the applicable energy conservation standard(s). 

As a part of the settlement agreement with Fagor Commercial, Inc., the manufacturer paid a civil penalty of $37,040 after manufacturing and distributing 196 units of commercial freezer models FWF-48 and FUF-48.  Master-Bilt Products agreed to a $37,800 civil penalty after manufacturing and distributing 189 units of commercial ice-cream freezer model GT-60.  DOE found that the models did not comply with the maximum permissible rates of energy consumption.

DOE assessed civil penalties of $8,000 in the case against US, Inc.  As part of the settlement, US, Inc. must submit the required certification reports, which include a certification that the equipment has been tested in accordance with the DOE test procedure and that the equipment meets the applicable standard(s).