FECM’s priority is reaching the Administration’s goals of a fully decarbonized power sector by 2035 and net-zero U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This Strategic Vision will enable DOE to make strategic carbon management decisions and ensure the use of fossil fuels is put into proper context with climate change and is designed for a future that achieves and maintains net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. 


With Executive Order 14008, Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad, President Biden set a goal to “lead a clean energy revolution that achieves a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035 and puts the United States on an irreversible path to a net-zero economy by 2050” (Federal Register, 2021).

The U.S. energy portfolio and U.S. economy depend heavily on fossil fuels and other sources of greenhouse gas emissions today, spanning sectors like power generation, industry, heat, and transportation fuels. Advancing clean energy, carbon capture with durable storage in both the power and industrial sectors, and carbon dioxide removal are imperative for achieving net-zero greenhouse gas goals.

FECM envisions enabling the demonstration and ultimately deployment of technologies for carbon management and mitigating challenges of fossil fuel use in a just and sustainable way, with the goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century.

FECM prioritizes the following three strategic directions to achieve these goals:

  • Advancing Justice, Labor, and Engagement
  • Advancing Carbon Management Approaches toward Deep Decarbonization
  • Advancing Technologies that lead to Sustainable Energy Resources

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