The National Coal Council is a Federal Advisory Committee to the U.S. Secretary of Energy. Established in 1984, the NCC provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Energy on general policy matters relating to coal and the coal industry.

The National Coal Council's activities include providing the Secretary of Energy with advice on:

  • Federal policies that directly or indirectly affect the production, marketing and use of coal;
  • Plans, priorities and strategies to address more effectively the technological, regulatory and social impact of issues relating to coal production and use;
  • The appropriate balance between various elements of Federal coal-related programs;
  • Scientific and engineering aspects of coal technologies, including emerging coal conversion, utilization or environmental control concepts; and
  • The progress of coal research, development, demonstration and commercial application.
  • The principal activity of the NCC is to prepare reports for the Secretary of Energy. The NCC's Coal Policy Committee develops prospective topics for the Secretary's consideration as potential subjects for NCC studies.

Leadership and Administration

Chairman – Randy Atkins (rwa@ramacocoal.com)

Vice-Chairman – John Ward (wardo@wardo.com)

Designated Federal Officer: Dr. Jennifer Wilcox (jennifer.wilcox@hq.doe.gov, 202-586-6660)

Deputy Designated Federal Officer #1: Tom Sarkus (thomas.sarkus@netl.doe.gov , 412-386-5981)

Deputy Designated Federal Officer #2: Joseph Giove (joseph.giove@hq.doe.gov , 202-257-1956)