Office: Office of Technology Transitions
Lab call number: DE-LC-000L110
Download the full lab call: EERE Exchange 
Funding Amount: $44,000,000

Background Information

On November 14, 2023, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $44 million in funding for the Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) Core Laboratory Infrastructure for Market Readiness (CLIMR) Lab Call.

The FY24 CLIMR Lab Call represents the combined effort of 14 different DOE program offices and the Office of Technology Transitions (OTT), marking the highest number of participating offices in a CLIMR lab call to date. This lab call serves to improve America’s energy competitiveness and security by accelerating commercialization and shepherding critical energy technologies from the National Labs to the market, where the private sector will continue to innovate.

This lab call is funded by the Base Annual Appropriations Technology Commercialization Fund. This is the primary lab call for TCF Base for FY24.

The deadline to submit applications for this funding opportunity has closed.


Only DOE National Laboratories and DOE plants and sites are eligible for funding from this lab call. All applications must be submitted to DOE from each lab’s respective Office of Research and Technology Application Technology Transfer Offices.

Areas of Interest

This lab call has 11 areas of interest for FECM:

  1. Advanced Technologies and Modeling Approaches for Forest Carbon Stocks and Fluxes Commercialization
  2. Blue Carbon Measurement and Quantification Technology Commercialization
  3. Development of Carbon Dioxide Removal Performance Models to Identify Optimal Deployment Locations
  4. Upgrading Accelerated Stress Testing Capabilities for Rapid CO2 Capture and Conversion Materials Screening and Development
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications for Monitoring Injection and Geologic Storage of Captured CO2
  6. Capabilities Enhancements for Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS) Evaluation
  7. Technologies for Converting Stranded and Underutilized Natural Gas to Sustainable Industrial Chemicals and Carbon Products
  8. Low Temperature Production of Graphite
  9. Engineering Solutions to Control Secondary Emissions Associated with Point-Source Carbon Capture
  10. Modeling Emissions from Point Sources with Carbon Capture
  11. Solvent Reclaiming Approaches for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Technologies

Expected Funding

At the time of this solicitation release, Congress has not yet passed a full FY24 DOE appropriated budget. The estimated budget below is based on FY23. The total funding amount available for FY24 will be applied once an official FY24 DOE budget is passed. Based on FY23, approximately $37.7M–$44.7M is expected to be available to fund all projects solicited in this lab call pending FY24 appropriations and program direction.

Estimated DOE funding available: $37.7M–$44.7M

Estimated FECM funding available: $11.4M–$12.6M


An informational webinar was hosted on November 15, 2023 to go over important details of the lab call and will provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.

Attending the informational webinar is not mandatory and will not positively or negatively impact the overall review of any applicant submissions.

Key Dates

Issue Date:11/14/2023
Informational Webinar:11/15/2023 at 2:00 PM ET
Submission Deadline for Concept Papers:01/16/2024 at 3:00 PM ET
Submission Deadline for Full Applications:03/18/2024 at 3:00 PM ET

Additional Information


Last Updated: March 20, 2024