Off-the-Record Communication - FE Docket No 14-96-LNG

The attached document was sent to the Department of Energy in reference to this proceeding, Alaska LNG Project, LLC, DOE/FE Docket No. 14-96-LNG. This document is considered “off-the-record communication” under 10 CFR 590.102 and 590.108 because the person/entity who submitted it is an “interested person,” the communication was directed to a “decisional employee,” and the communication addressed the merits of the proceeding.

The comment period for this proceeding has closed.  Therefore, this communication will not be considered as a part of the record.  It is posted here in compliance with regulations.  As provided in 10 CFR 590.108(a)(5), a request by a party wishing to rebut this communication, on the record, may be submitted in writing.  As specified in this regulation, such requests will be granted “only for good cause.”