On September 26–28, 2017, the United States, in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, hosted the Mission Innovation Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Expert’s Workshop. The Workshop, held in Houston, Texas, brought together 260 of the world’s leading CCUS experts from academia and industry to evaluate the most promising research and development (R&D) avenues for enhancing CCUS processes.

Specifically, the goals of the Workshop were to assess current gaps in CCUS technologies and to identify the most promising directions for basic research (Priority Research Directions, or PRDs) that are needed to achieve long-term global carbon management.  

The Office of Fossil Energy and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory compiled a summary report of the Workshop, titled Accelerating Breakthrough Innovation in Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage. The report includes the 30 PRDs established by experts at the Workshop. These PRDs encompass opportunities for understanding and improving materials, chemical processes, and other scientific and technical areas required to develop the next-generation technologies needed for efficient, cost-effective management of carbon emissions. The PRDs were created from panel discussions covering four subcategories: Carbon Capture; Carbon Utilization; Carbon Storage; and Cross-Cutting CCUS Topics.

The entire report can be accessed below.