Tires are a major component in the comfort, performance, safety, and fuel economy of a vehicle.  

That’s not surprising. But most people don’t know much about tires because they don’t think about tires until it’s time to need tires. Then, it’s a very important thing.

Think about it. We drive rain or shine, in blistering heat or in the middle of winter, making quick stops and sharp turns without even thinking about it. Through all of that, we assume our cars will just run like they’re supposed to, but the tires are the things doing all the work. They keep cars from sliding in the rain and endure extreme hot and cold temperatures. Their tread is what allows a car to stop quickly to avoid an imminent collision. They even control the sound inside a car and how smoothly it rides; just switching out your tires can turn a noisy, bumpy car into a quiet, smooth one.

The average footprint of one tire realistically could roughly be the size of your foot.  A car's 4 tires are just double of amount of the feet of a person but weighs anywhere from 3,000-4,000 pounds. So, we’re asking that tire to do a tremendous amount.

Energy Saver has several resources devoted to tires including tips on purchasing new tires, how to read the important information on your tire, how tires impact fuel economy, and tips on tire maintenance.