Thermoelectric cooling is a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way things are kept cold, whether it is food, wine, beer or cigars.  In fact, it is a completely different approach to refrigeration from standard compressors.  

A compressor works thanks to special chemical refrigerants that are able to turn from a liquid to a gas at fairly low temperatures. Thermoelectric cooling (TEC) is also known as solid-state cooling, because there is no liquid refrigerant running through the machine. Instead, solid metal is used to transfer thermal energy.  

Solid state cooling units have no moving parts, so they are far quieter and less likely to break than a traditional compressor, which requires several fans and lengthy coils through which refrigerant must pass.

TEC is typically found in small electronic devices where there is not enough space for a compressor such as small refrigeration units, portable coolers, portable and personal air conditioning, and tobacco thermidors.  

Take a look at our new page on thermoelectric coolers to learn more about them and how they may be the right fit for your cooling needs.  Who knows, you may already be using them!