March has begun, and as millions around the world prepare to "spring forward" one hour for Daylight Saving Time on March 13th, this is a great opportunity to also save some money to use in the upcoming summer months by saving energy now.

For many, clocks may be just out of reach and require a ladder or step stool to change the time forward. This is a perfect time to change out the batteries in the smoke detector as well. But while that ladder or stool is out and in use, why not also change a few of those old, lingering incandescent light bulbs in recessed lighting or high light fixtures with highly efficient LED bulbs? LEDs can really save a bundle on energy costs. Visit Energy Saver to learn more about energy-saving lighting choices.

Daylight Saving Time can also be regarded as heralding the oncoming of spring (which officially begins March 20th), so this might also be an excellent time to start performing some routine air conditioning maintenance.  The easiest way to start the warmer months with an air conditioning system working at high efficiency is to clean or change out the filter.  For some people this filter may be out of reach, so this may be another item to do while the stool or ladder is still out and in use. Visit Energy Saver for tips on how to maintain your air conditioner to maximize energy savings.


Remember that closing draperies or blinds can save on cooling costs during the warmer months. Now that spring and summer are just around the corner, why not use that ladder or stool to install blinds or draperies that can help block sunlight and save even more money? Certain draperies and blinds can help cut down on heat gain in your home by up to 33%, improving the comfort of your home in the warmer months while also cutting your cooling costs. Energy Saver can help you determine the right kind of draperies and blinds for your home.

These are just a few convenient tips to help take advantage of that stool or ladder you might be getting out to adjust your clocks. But be certain to use the ladder safely, and have another person around when climbing on ladders. Visit Energy Saver for a more comprehensive list of how to prepare for spring and let the savings begin!