I’ve often wished I lived in one of those fabulous places where it’s 72 degrees and sunny year-round. But unfortunately, most of us don’t. And to stay comfortable, we need heat and hot coffee in the winter, and air-conditioning and lemonade in the summer. Luckily, part of the Energy Savers site is dedicated to helping us save energy during all four seasons.

Bring up the dedicated Energy Savers seasonal website and learn great ways to reduce your energy bill. Tips range from small changes you can make immediately, such as closing your drapes, to information on modifications you can make to your home for even larger benefits. There is even information on assistance for energy-savings improvements to your home.


On the page you’ll also find the Weekly Tips widget, with fresh tips on how to stay warm and toasty without your heating bill skyrocketing. Imagine if you utilized one easy tip a week, the savings could have a tremendous effect on your energy costs! The widget is downloadable as well, so improve your personal webpage or blog with the weekly tips, and spread the savings!

So even though I’m not spending the winter on a sunny beach in Hawaii, I’m going to make a cup of hot cocoa, and learn how to make my energy bill much brighter.