Maintaining your air conditioner is just one way to fulfill an energy independence pledge this summer. | Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/firemanYU

The Fourth of July brings to mind hot summer days with barbecues and fireworks – and the air conditioning on, not the most energy efficient time of the year for most of us. As our nation celebrates its proverbial birthday and its independence, we can make a few energy conscious choices today, or resolutions for the future, to reduce your own energy footprint and help our country take another step toward energy independence. Here are some ways to get cracking.

Our Energy Saver blog also features many articles to help you and your family take easy steps now and plan bigger steps that will help you cut your energy bills. Our recent blog posts on energy-saving outdoor lighting, using ceiling fans, and readying your home for summer offer readers some great starting points. Do-it-yourselfers will find great tips and other resources on our Energy Saver site to get started on projects to detect air leaks, improve window treatments, maintain your air conditioner and other home cooling systems, and much more. 

After making lower-cost energy efficiency improvements, another way you can make a giant leap toward energy independence at home is to install a renewable energy system to supplement the electricity you use from your utility.  Our Energy Saver site can help you plan for a small solar or wind energy system that can slash your energy bill and pay for itself over time.  

This summer celebrate our nation with an energy-efficient bang by making a pledge – and then taking action – to save more energy this year.