Purchasing an energy efficient refrigerator freezer is a very important way to save money and energy at home. But it is only half the solution.  How you use the appliance is just as important, if not more so, than the built-in efficiency of the appliance. 

Think of it this way, buying a fuel efficient car is wonderful.  But if you speed, use jack rabbit starts and sudden braking, and otherwise drive uneconomically, the efficiency of the car will have little impact on your money and energy savings. 

The same goes for a refrigerator freezer. The new Energy Saver Refrigerator Freezer Use and Temperature Tips page highlights how simply energy conservation steps can maximize the efficiency of that new, economical ENERGY STAR refrigerator freezer.  The page covers storage and temperature basics that will not simply help you save money and energy, but will make food and drinks taste better and for longer, will reduce food waste, and will keep food fresh and healthy. Check out the Refrigerator Freezer Use and Temperature Tips page today!