More than 20 million Americans live in a manufactured home. Many newer models are energy-efficient and of high quality. In fact, a quality manufactured home can be as energy efficient as a site-built home, as long as is it well constructed with energy-efficient building materials and sufficient insulation. Today’s energy-efficient manufactured homes offer a housing option that that is affordable, comfortable, and resilient. 

Manufactured homes are available in a wide variety of designs and floorplans similar to site-built homes. Consumers can choose among many energy efficient equipment options and features, including high efficiency heating and cooling systems and ENERGY STAR® appliances. Consumers can also choose ENERGY STAR certified manufactured homes, which can provide even lower utility bills and greater comfort.  And the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently adopted new energy standards for manufactured homes that will help consumers save up to $475 on their annual utility bills and slash carbon emissions by 80 million metric tons, which is equivalent to the energy use of over 10 million homes in one year. These cost-saving efficiency standards will also give residents more comfortable living environments and cleaner air for their communities.

Purchasing one of today’s manufactured homes can be a smart choice when looking for a newly built modern and energy-efficient home at an affordable price. There are a range of financing and ownership options to consider, including loan programs offered by federal agencies. Some state or local housing agencies have additional financing options, including down payment assistance and low-interest loans for income-eligible borrowers. The process for purchasing, financing, and owning a manufactured home may involve different decisions and financing options than those for a site-built home, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. See the DOE manufactured homes resources page for additional information.

DOE has also created a consumer-focused website with information on energy efficient manufactured homes and financing options, including content on incentives, grants, and loan programs available through federal agencies, states, and others. The site includes links to resources for manufactured homebuyers who own or lease their land as well as those living in manufactured home communities, including resident owned cooperatives.  

Those in older manufactured homes can stay more comfortable and save money on their utility bills through energy efficient steps like installing better insulation or upgrading HVAC units. And some utility programs can help with purchasing energy-efficiency upgrades.  Learn more about upgrades for energy efficient manufactured homes on our Energy Saver site.