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Energy Saver Announces New Brand Identity

June 14, 2017

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Photo of a man on a ladder doing electrical work, while a woman stands beside him to assist.

If you're a regular visitor to and Energy Saver, you may have noticed a few changes around here. In addition to a site-wide redesign across, Energy Saver is launching a new brand identity, which includes a new logo.

The purpose of this new identity is to make it easier for you, the individual homeowner, driver, and consumer served by Energy Saver, to find the content on that is most relevant to you.

Whenever you see the Energy Saver logo, you'll know that it accompanies information that you can use now to save money, save energy, and improve the comfort of your home.

As you navigate the site, you'll find several variations on the logo.

Green Energy Saver logo
Green circle Energy Saver logo

The green is what you'll see most often and is used to designate information that can be used year-round for savings and comfort.

Yellow spring and summer Energy Saver logo
Yellow circle Energy Saver logo for spring and summer

The yellow version is used when we talk about warm-weather topics. You might see this when we're discussing home cooling systems, summer cooking, or avoiding heat gain from windows.

Blue fall and winter Energy Saver logo
Circle blue fall and winter Energy Saver logo

The blue version of the logo will be used when we are specifically talking about cold-weather topics. For example, you may see this when we talk about the seasonal change to fall or winter, home heating, or holiday lighting.

Green Energy Saver logo with lights on
Circle green Energy Saver logo with lights on

If you see a logo with the lights on in the house, you'll know that you can find detailed steps for completing an energy- and money-saving home improvement projects. Some of our projects include insulating your hot water heater, weatherstripping windows, and insulating over unconditioned garages. For these and other projects, visit our do-it-yourself projects page.


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