In the heart of summer road trip season, saving on fuel means saving money, and Energy Saver is here to help. Outside of buying an electric vehicle and cashing in on tax credits (while protecting the environment), Energy Saver has a full tank of information on smart driving and fuel economy tips on driving more efficiently to help you save behind the wheel. 

By driving sensibly, you can save between 5% and 33%, which could add up to about a dollar per gallon. That means taking a little longer to get up to speed and never racing up to red lights. And on longer highway trips, keeping your speed at bay minimizes gas station stops. In fact, there is an old rule of thumb that for every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph, you pay roughly $0.25 more per gallon (depending on the price of gas).  

Be sure to also check out to learn more about how you can save on fuel and limit greenhouse gas emission. The site also has side-by-side comparisons of fuel economy ratings for cars and trucks, a downloadable Fuel Economy Guide to make purchasing a car easier, and a tool to calculate gallons and dollars saved by better fuel economy. You can also learn more about tax incentives on energy efficient vehicles and current gas prices in your area. 

Happy and safe travels wherever you drive (or take public transportation) this summer!