On the eve of ringing in 2022, Energy Saver challenged its readers to come up with energy saving resolutions in 2022. If you made a resolution and are still keeping at it, take a moment to congratulate yourself!  You are well on your way to a year of energy savings, which will add more money to your wallet at the end of the year.

If you did not take the challenge, or if you did and have not followed through on it or have fallen down trying it, it still is not too late to resolve anew to make that 2022 resolution. One month may have gotten away, but there are still 11 more months ahead for you to save money this year. 

If you really care about saving money, take one simple energy-saving step in 2022. Then periodically through the rest of the year recommit yourself to the resolution and feel good about saving the environment, saving energy, and saving money.  A resolution can be something as easy and inexpensive as replacing a manual light switch in a child's room with an occupancy sensor so the light will automatically turn off when they are no longer in the room. Or perhaps changing out inefficient light bulbs with LEDs in a room that is used a lot. How about a no-cost step such as unplugging unused electronics, turning down the water heater, using curtains and other window treatments more, or driving less often and more economically? Small actions such as these may seem insignificant, but they add up fast and can pay for themselves quickly.

It truly is an easy thing to take a small step and make an impact. Start by thinking about what makes the most sense for your home, budget, and lifestyle. Commit yourself to something that will reward you often if you do it just once. Then take action. 

Here's wishing you energy-saving satisfaction in 2022.