To provide consumers better tools to save money and energy, we are pleased to release the new Energy Efficient House Tour. This online interactive tool was developed for Energy Saver by the experts at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and is now available on

The Energy Efficient House Tour allows consumers to virtually go through a house and experience first-hand ways to save energy. The user can click on different areas of the home to be linked to online resources to learn how to save money and energy in that area. The tour is especially useful because it helps show areas for energy savings that the user may not have even known or thought about.

The tour is an especially beneficial tool for those wanting to do an initial DIY home energy audit and potentially start a DIY home project. It is also valuable for helping to decide what kind of energy-saving resolutions to make for the coming new year.

So visit the Energy Efficient House Tour and see how it can help you in making those important decisions.

If you are considering a DIY project, there are several things you can do that might not require hiring a professional home energy auditor:

  • Locate air leaks that commonly form along baseboards or door and window frames.
  • Check for gaps around outdoor water faucets, and where the foundation and the bottom of exterior brick or siding meet.
  • Check the insulation in your attic and around the attic hatch.

Visit Energy Saver for more information on identifying some simple areas for improvement in a do-it-yourself home energy audit.

Remember, though, that conducting a home energy audit is only the first step – making the recommended upgrades is what will really save you money throughout the year and bring you closer to keeping your New Year's resolutions.