Tomorrow, as part of National Bike Month, is National Bike to Work Day - a day set aside to promote commuting, at least part of the way, on bicycle. 

While there are many local events around the country for people to join their fellow commuters in bicycling to work, you don't need a formal event to hop on your bike for your commute. The seasonal weather is a perfect time to take to the road on two wheels instead of four.  And with more communities creating dedicated bike lanes and trails, commuting by bicycle is easier and safer than ever. Also, in many places around the country, you often do not have to bike the whole way to work. Many public transportation systems enable bicycle ridership by having bike racks on bus exteriors, providing secured bike racks at train/subway stations, and allowing commuters to bring bikes on trains/subway cars. Employers, too, are increasingly encouraging bicycle commuting with more bike stands and changing facilities.

With all of these options, a quick cleanup and change of clothes once you arrive at work is all you need to be ready for the day. You may even find you're more energized than usual and can skip your usual cup of coffee. Make it a weekly thing (or even more often) and you'll start seeing real savings in your commuting costs—especially with rising gas prices. After all, who doesn't like shiny objects and funny clothes (along with those reduced emissions and savings on fuel)?

Even if you can't bike to work, you can likely bike somewhere. Even just running small chores to the grocery, drug store, house worship, or the gym can make a difference in your health and your wallet.

So if you haven't already, pull out your bike from winter storage, tune it up, put on your helmet and safe riding attitude, and hit the road!