Saving money is on everyone's minds these days, and improving your vehicle's fuel economy is both economically and environmentally smart.  Driving conservatively and buying a fuel-efficient car can have a significant savings impact.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have just released the 2024 Fuel Economy Guide (Guide).  If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, the Guide can help you choose the most fuel-efficient vehicle for your needs by providing detailed fuel economy estimates (in miles per gallon, or MPG) and estimated annual fuel costs (using national averages of fuel costs and miles driven) for model year 2024 light-duty vehicles for sale in the United States, listed by vehicle class, and then by manufacturer. This makes it easier to compare vehicles and choose one that’s right for you.

The Guide will be available in electronic format only. You can download the latest Guide from the government’s fuel economy website, and its companion mobile site The online Guide will be updated periodically to include newly released vehicle models and current fuel cost estimates. The online Guide also has information on used vehicles dating back to 1984.

In addition to basic statistics, the online Guide has other special features including a "Power Search" feature that enables you to easily search vehicles through categories including MSRP, fuel economy, fuel type (such as gasoline, diesel, and electricity), and class of vehicle.  The site also features the ability to customize estimated annual fuel costs by entering in the number of miles you drive in a year, the price you pay at the pump, and the percentage of miles you drive in stop-and-go traffic, to provide a more personalized and accurate estimate.

As they did last year, electric vehicles dominate the fuel economy statistics for 2024.  The top ten most fuel-efficient vehicles are electric vehicles and of the most fuel-efficient vehicles by class, more than 50 percent of the vehicles are electric.  However, a large number of hybrid vehicles and some diesel vehicles get good fuel economy, as well as a host of gasoline-powered vehicles that are designed and built to achieve high fuel economy. 

Whatever your needs and priorities may be, the 2024 Fuel Economy Guide and can help you easily compare the variety of vehicles available on the market today and help you determine how to cut your fuel costs and save money at the pump this year.