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Exercise Planning Resources

One component of the TEPP is the "Drill-In-A-Box" exercise scenarios. TEPP has pre-scripted five exercise scenarios that are compliant with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). These exercises are used to validate responder readiness for response to a radiological transportation accident. TEPP works with the local jurisdiction to customize the exercise package including the scenario and exercise objectives. Most exercise scenarios are based on a multi-vehicle accident and exercise objectives typically require a prompt response for extinguishing a fire, rescue of potentially contaminated entrapped victims, and recognition of the presence of radiological material. The scenarios can then evolve into a hazardous materials response that requires the response team to work with the shipper/state radiation authority to characterize the scene, perform package accountability, conduct radiation/contamination surveys, and report/map the gathered information to the shipper/radiation authority. TEPP strives to make its exercises as realistic as possible and will often use live sources.

Guidance for Planning Exercises
Exercise Evaluation Forms
Medical Messages

Transportation Accident Exercise Scenarios

The Exercise Plans follow Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidance and encompass all required DHS documents, including the Controller and Evaluator Handbook, Master Scenario Events List, Actor Handbook, and Exercise Evaluation Guides. Each Plan provides controllers and evaluators detailed information about the exercise scenario and their specific duties and responsibilities. The five scenarios include:

Spent Nuclear Fuel
Low Specific Activity (LSA)
Soil Density/Moisture Gauge
Radiography Device