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The Office of Environmental Management (EM) has a long history of support to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Small Business Program and a strong commitment to increasing small business awards to prime contractors and subcontractors to perform EM mission-critical work.  EM is committed to “Small Business First”.

To further EM’s commitment to small business, we are providing a series of informative links pertaining to small business, including direct links to Small Business Program Managers for each EM site conducting work for the Department of Energy. We suggest that each small business with interest in working for the Department of Energy review the information provided and contact directly the Small business Program Managers with questions, capabilities, and ideas to learn how best to become involved with ongoing and upcoming work.

EM-Specific Small Business Program Managers Listing: These managers provide one-on-one assistance to small business firms for EM programs. Email “hot links” and phone numbers for each of these Program Managers are provided:

Headquarters: Anne Marie Bird (513) 246-0569; 
EM Consolidated Business Center: Anne Marie Bird (513) 246-0569; 
Carlsbad Field Office: Anne Marie Bird (513) 246-0569;
Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office: Anne Marie Bird (513) 246-0569;
Los Alamos National Lab: Anne Marie Bird (513) 246-0569;
Idaho Operations Office: Trevor Bluth (208) 526-3277; 
Office of River Protection: Kelly Brazil, (509) 376-0174; 
Richland Operations Office: Meegan Dudney, (509) 376-2403;
Savannah River Operations Office: Parodio Maith, (803) 952-9487;
Oak Ridge Office: Natasha White (865) 576-2397; 
Small Sites: Anne Marie Bird (513) 246-0569;

Other Important Small Business Links

DOE-Wide Small Business Program Managers Listing:
This Small Business Program Managers listing represents all DOE program elements and organizations, including the EM managers listed above. These managers are points of contact to provide one-on-one assistance to small business firms for opportunities throughout DOE. Email “hot links” and phone numbers for each of these Program Managers are provided.

DOE Acquisition Forecast:
This web page contains future and ongoing contracting actions that can be searched and sorted in a number of ways, including by State, NAICS Code, Contracting Activity, Solicitation Method, Release Quarter, Award Quarter, Incumbent Contractor, and Departmental Element. Several of these upcoming acquisitions are designated as small business set-asides.

DOE Mentor-Protégé Program:
The Department of Energy's (DOE) Mentor-Protégé Program supports the businesses and institutions to successfully compete for Department of Energy, Federal Government, and private sector contracts and subcontracts opportunities: 8(a) businesses and other small disadvantaged businesses, Women-owned businesses, Service disabled veteran-owned businesses, HUBZone Businesses, Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other Minority Educational Institutions to achieve further development of their technical administrative and managerial expertise.

DOE Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Home Page:
Contains extensive information on small and disadvantaged business activities and links to specific information sources.