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Once the jurisdiction has completed an evaluation of their plans and procedures, they will need to address any gaps in training. To assist, TEPP has developed the Modular Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training (MERRTT) program. MERRTT provides fundamental knowledge for responding to transportation incidents involving radiological material and builds on training in existing hazardous materials curricula. MERRTT satisfies the training requirements outlined in the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Land Withdrawal Act.

The MERRTT program is flexible and allows instructor delivered programs or student paced self-study. Designed in modular format, the materials include student manuals, instructor guides and overheads to facilitate delivery. MERRTT has been approved by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board of Emergency Medical Services for Continuing Education Hours (CEH). CEHs are awarded for each module completed and for the Practical Exercises.

MERRTT has a modular design, consisting of 16 concise, easy to understand modules and 4 hands-on practical exercises. The material is designed to meet the training needs of persons serving in fire service, law enforcement, emergency medical service, emergency management, public works, or on a hazardous materials team.

MERRTT National Training Schedule:  Provides a listing of all classes scheduled throughout the country, along with contact information. If someone is interested in taking a class, they can choose a location that fits their need, and contact the TEPP Coordinator to register.

MERRTT National Student Data Base:  To receive a course completion certificate from the DOE, instructors must document the completion of the training. Instructors can input the information contained on the Student Information Form into the database. The database fields match with the Student Information Form's fields. Certificates can be retrieved and printed any time by entering the date of the class and the state where training was conducted.