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QA specialists conducting an audit in Carlsbad
QA specialists conducting an audit in Carlsbad

The Office of Standards and Quality Assurance ensures that the necessary technical, safety and quality requirements and standards are properly identified and put in place for all line-item, EM capital and major operating projects and facilities in a timely and technically sound manner.


  • Ensure Quality Assurance (QA) standards are being consistently applied so that all EM projects are completed safely and correctly.
  • Develops, implements and manages the Office of Environmental Management’s Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for headquarters and field sites.
  • Coordinates with the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, EM field offices, and other stakeholders on matters concerning quality assurance and standards.
  • Supports the Construction Project Review process for major construction projects.
  • Provides direction and technical assistance for Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) projects.
  • Leads High Level Waste/Used Nuclear Fuel QA oversight program at EM field sites to ensure they comply with federal guidelines.

EM is committed to achieving consistent quality in all of its mission work in accordance with the Quality Assurance Rule and DOE Order on Quality Assurance.  The DOE Order establishes roles and responsibilities for Secretarial Officers, Field Elements and contractors.

The Office of Environmental Management is committed to providing consistent quality assurance across the organization. The corporate EM Quality Assurance Program describes the method by which QA is implemented into the Integrated Safety Management System and the overall work processes. Site-specific issues are addressed by the Quality Assurance Requirements and Descriptions.


Quality Assurance Contacts

Bob Murray
Office Director 
Work Number: 202-586-7267
Jim Davis
Quality Assurance Specialist
Work Number: 509-376-0436
Yevonne Deaton
Software Quality Assurance Specialist
POC for RL
Work Number:  202-586-8773
James Gambrell
Quality Assurance Specialist
POC for SRS and QARD
Work Number:  202-586-7630
Larry Perkins
Quality Assurance Specialist
Work Number:  865-576-9395
Bob Torro
Quality Assurance Specialist  
POC for EM-LA, Idaho, Nevada 
Work Number:  702-295-2952