2018 PRA CoP Technical Exchange Meeting Group Photo
Participants of the 2018 P&RA CoP Technical Exchange Meeting at the Savannah River National Laboratory in Aiken, SC on October 30, 2018.
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The goal of the Performance & Risk Assessment Community of Practice (P&RA CoP) is to foster exchange of information regarding preparation of performance assessments and risk analyses in support of environmental decisions across agencies and practitioners; enhance consistency in the preparation of P&RAs across the DOE; and to develop appropriate peer guidance and/or recommendations for P&RAs such that they are based on sound science and are defensible (see Interagency Performance & Risk Assessment Community of Practice Charter).

An interagency steering committee was expanded in August 2013 to guide the activities for the P&RA CoP. 

DOE EM sponsored the Performance Assessment Community of Practice in 2009 to:

  • Provide means to address consistency early and throughout PA process;
  • Foster early and sustained communication among CERCLA, NEPA, RCRA, and DOE O 435.1 activities involving LLW, tank closure, and D&D;
  • Provide a forum to share information regarding state of the art and specific models, data and approaches; and
  • Serve as an enduring data and modeling resource to minimize duplication of effort across DOE and train future generation of PA professionals

In late 2013, the group was broadened as P&RA CoP to emphasize:

2017 Annual Performance and Risk Assessment (P&RA) Community of Practice (CoP) Technical Exchange Meeting
A session of the P&RA CoP Technical Exchange Meeting held at the Sandia National Laboratory on October 17-19, 2017 in Albuquerque, NM.

Performance assessments (PAs) and risk assessments (RAs) evaluate the impact of a proposed remedial action on human health and the environment and provide a demonstration of compliance and important technical inputs to meet regulatory requirements for: 1) waste form development and implementation; 2) tank closure activities; 3) waste site closure activities (e.g., cribs and trenches); 4) in-situ decontamination and decommissioning; 5) soil and groundwater remediation; and 6) management of disposal facilities (e.g., land-fills or near surface disposal facilities). The PAs and RAs or P&RAs become public documents upon completion.  As such, the Department of Energy needs to ensure that P&RAs continue to be performed and documented consistently and to high standards. 


To be added to the distribution list for P&RA CoP activities, or for questions or comments, contact Dr. Ming Zhu of the DOE Office of Environmental Management at Ming.Zhu@em.doe.gov

Disclaimer: Display of the presentations and discussion material of the P&RA CoP Webinars and Technical Exchanges on this Website should not be construed to imply or in any manner state that the Department sanctions or endorses the entity that the P&RA CoP presenter is affiliated with; further, the views expressed in the presentation or discussion are those of individual P&RA CoP members only, and not necessarily the views of the Department.

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