The Mission of the Northern New Mexico Citizens' Advisory Board is to provide meaningful opportunities for collaborative dialogue among the diverse multicultural communities of Northern New Mexico, the Department of Energy (DOE), the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), and state and federal regulatory agencies. The Board's responsibilities include providing advice and recommendations on DOE Environmental Management (EM) programs regarding environmental restoration, waste management, monitoring and surveillance, outreach, future land use and long-term environmental stewardship, and associated environmental issues. The Board requests early ongoing community access to information including its interpretation and implications facilitating dialogue that ultimately improves the quality of the decision-making processes of DOE and LANL.

The Board interacts with the DOE to provide advice on matters within its scope, on behalf of the citizens of Northern New Mexico. These matters may be raised by Board members, the public, DOE, or federal, state, or local regulatory agencies. The Board seeks a free and open two-way exchange of information and views between Board members and the participating agencies. Board members may request access to independent technical advice, staff, and training. The Board will remain accountable to the public and DOE and seek to promote multicultural community involvement