The Chief of Nuclear Safety (CNS) is responsible for ensuring that DOE Nuclear Safety Regulations, Standards, Guides, and national/international technical standards are applied in a correct manner in the conduct of DOE’s nuclear mission under the purview of the Under Secretary for Management and Performance.

The Secretary of Energy committed the Department to having Central Technical Authorities (CTAs) with a strong and active role in assuring safety.  This is a major element of the Department’s Implementation Plan in response to the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) Recommendation 2004-1, Oversight of Complex, and High-Hazard Nuclear Operations.

The primary mission of the CNS is to provide independent analysis, advice, and recommendations to the Under Secretary for Management and Performance, Program Secretarial Officers, Field Office Managers, and contractors on the health of policy, oversight, and implementing practices associated with nuclear facility safety.  The CNS functions are carried out by performing performance-based oversight, providing specialized engineering and technical subject matter expertise, and coordinating cross-cutting functions as appropriate to support safe execution of nuclear operations and projects.  Collectively they influence and shape the planning, management, and execution of DOE projects during their entire lifecycle phases from the initial design, concept to final design, construction, commissioning, startup, operation, and post-operation.

The CNS and staff possess a wide range of cross-cutting and multi-disciplinary technical and engineering expertise that are applied to have a positive effect on safety, quality, efficiency, and reliability of ongoing nuclear projects and activities.  The results of these efforts are ultimately aimed at strengthening Federal monitoring of DOE projects, improving the performance of projects, and enhancing operational safety assurance.  The Department and in particular the Office of Environmental Management strives to continuously improve safety culture and nuclear safety.

The guiding principles that govern the conduct of CNS and staff are basic and fundamental: professional objectivity, transparency, technical competency, and personal integrity.

Gregory Sosson
Chief of Nuclear Safety

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