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Ike White 30th Key Milestones Thank-you
The Office of Environmental Management Story
EM Sites Map - Completed and In-Progress
Assistant Secretaries for Environmental Management
William (Ike) WhiteSenior Advisor to EM for the Under SecretaryJune 16, 2019Present
Anne Marie WhiteSenate ConfirmedMarch 29, 2018June 14, 2019
James OwendoffActingJune 25, 2017March 29, 2018
Susan CangeActingJanuary 20, 2017June 25, 2017
Monica RegalbutoSenate ConfirmedAugust 10, 2015January 20, 2017
Mark WhitneyActingMay 18, 2014May 10, 2015
David G. HuizengaSenior Advisor to EM for the Under SecretaryFebruary 15, 2012May 18, 2014
David G. HuizengaActingJuly 20, 2011February 15, 2012
Inés TriaySenate ConfirmedMay 21, 2009July 20, 2011
Inés TriayActingNovember 23, 2008May 21, 2009
James RispoliSenate ConfirmedAugust 10, 2005November 23, 2008
Paul GolanActingJuly 24, 2004May 8, 2005
Jessie Hill RobersonSenate ConfirmedJuly 18, 2001July 24, 2004
James OwendoffActingJanuary 14, 2001July 18, 2001
Carolyn L. HuntoonSenate ConfirmedJuly 13, 1999January 14, 2001
Alvin AlmSenate ConfirmedMay 8, 1996February 3, 1998
Thomas GrumblySenate ConfirmedMay 26, 1993May 8, 1996
Leo P. DuffySenate ConfirmedDecember 2, 1991January 20, 1993
30 Years of Impact for EM
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EM Celebrates 30 Years News

Celebrating 30 Years of EM: Employee Spotlight
Celebrating 30 Years of EM: Employee Spotlight
Learn More
Celebrating 30 Years of EM: Employee Spotlight
Celebrating 30 Years of EM: Employee Spotlight
Learn More
Celebrating 30 Years of EM: Employee Spotlight
Celebrating 30 Years of EM: Employee Spotlight
Learn More
Celebrating 30 Years of EM: Employee Spotlight
Celebrating 30 Years of EM: Employee Spotlight
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Pioneers in the Cleanup Program Look Back on EM’s 30 Years
Leaders and key stakeholders integral to the cleanup program over the past three decades looked back at key moments and lessons learned.
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Under Secretary Dabbar Celebrates EM Success, Focuses on Priorities
Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar speaks to nearly 800 EM stakeholders at this year's National Cleanup Workshop.
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EM’s Todd Shrader: Build on Closure Sites' Lessons Learned
EM Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Todd Shrader reflected on the magnitude of the cleanup program’s past 30 years.
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Marking Three Decades of Progress, EM Celebrates Milestone Anniversary
At a September 10 celebration, DOE Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar recognized EM’s federal employees and contractors.
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Aquifer Protection Central to Idaho Site Cleanup
When it comes to cleanup at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Site, it’s “all about the aquifer”
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Nevada Program Safely Completes Soils Mission
The EM Nevada Program has safely and successfully completed environmental corrective actions at historically contaminated soils sites.
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Hanford Site Carries Commitment Into Future
On the Site’s Central Plateau, workers are continuing their focus on treatment of the 56 million gallons of waste stored in 176 underground tanks.
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Oak Ridge Fast Approaching Vision 2020 Goal
This accomplishment required four contracts, untold hours of planning and preparation.
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Vit Facility Demolition is West Valley's Signature Achievement - So Far
In 2018, EM and its cleanup contractor safely completed the demolition of the 50-foot-tall, 10,000-square-foot Vitrification Facility.
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Portsmouth on Path to Cleanup Success
One of the final steps of deactivation, a “C.I.” designation means the massive building is radiologically safe for demolition.
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Paducah Showing Progress in Groundwater Cleanup
Throughout its 30-year history, EM has focused on a particular environmental issue at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant site in western Kentucky.
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DWPF Powers Progress at Savannah River Site
The Defense Waste Processing Facility at the Savannah River Site, operated by Savannah River Remediation.
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As EM Marks 30 Years, WIPP Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) joins EM in celebrating an anniversary in 2019.
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Moab's Steady Progress Through a Decade of Cleanup
EM’s Moab Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) Project expects to reach a milestone of 10 million tons.
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Soil Cleanup an Achievement at Los Alamos Townsite
Soil cleanup near Smith's Marketplace in Los Alamos completed in 2015.
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ETEC Prepares for Final Stage Cleanup
In the early 1960s, the U.S. government established the Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC) as a “center of excellence"
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Completion of Field Work, Site Restoration Mark Major Milestone at SPRU
EM recently completed deactivation, decontamination, demolition, and site restoration at the Separations Process Research Unit.
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EM Celebrates 30 Years Photos

30 Years of EM Cleanup: A Foundation of Success

30 Years of EM Cleanup Sept 11 2019
The 2019 National Cleanup Workshop featured a panel discussion entitled 30 Years of EM Cleanup: A Foundation of Success.