Photo of Dae Chung March 2018

Dae Chung serves as the Associate Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Corporate Services for the Office of Environmental Management (EM) at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). He is responsible for leading and overseeing the strategic corporate operations and essential business services necessary to support and enable the over $7 billion EM cleanup program including resource management, acquisition and project management and internal and external communications. Additionally, he advises and guides EM leadership on the successful integration of supporting policies and strategies.

Chung has 37 years of broad experience in U.S. government programs and operations, global engineering and construction business, safety management and operations oversight, and commercial nuclear power industries. He directed or managed multi-billion dollar corporate functions at a Fortune-500 Engineering and Construction (E&C) company, large-scale national programs and international projects.  In addition to his executive leadership and management experience, Chung has specialized skills and experience in budget and strategic planning, program/project management, workforce planning, design, engineering, safety, quality assurance, and operational oversight of complex government facilities, operations, and E&C projects.

Prior to his new assignment he served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Safety, Security, and Quality Assurance and Director of Special Projects in the Office of Environmental Management. 

Prior to returning to DOE, he had served as a Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Global Business Operations at Samsung Construction & Trade Corporation with a large portfolio (annual revenue of $13 billion) in South Korea.

He also served as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for EM, and the Principal Deputy Chief for Nuclear Safety in the Office of Health, Safety, and Security during his previous DOE tenure.

Prior to joining DOE he worked for Westinghouse Electric Company as a Senor Lead Engineer in the area of reactor design and plant operations support for exiting and advanced PWR commercial plants.

Chung has a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He also has completed the Management and Leadership program at the Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.