Anne Marie White

Assistant Secretary for the Office of Environmental Management

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Anne Marie White was confirmed as the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management (EM) in March 2018. As EM Assistant Secretary, Ms. White provides strategic executive leadership and oversight for the cleanup of contaminated nuclear weapons manufacturing and testing sites across the United States to support the Department of Energy’s mission for addressing environmental and nuclear challenges.

Since joining the Department, Ms. White has focused her efforts on improving the trajectory of the EM program and reducing the nation’s environmental liability by putting sites on a clear path to completion and enabling host communities to plan for a vibrant future. Her initiatives include making meaningful reductions in risks, life cycle costs and schedules; classification of waste based on its actual contents and associated risks; establishment of a disposal policy defining the best options to safely treat, dispose and contain waste; meaningful stakeholder engagement; and end state contracting to streamline and accelerate cleanup by pursuing strategies that are faster, more cost effective, and more technically sound to reduce risk to human health and the environment.

Ms. White has more than 25 years of experience across a broad range of activities within the nuclear field with industry-recognized credentials in characterization and disposition of radiologically contaminated sites; dose modeling and assessment; and data analysis and integration leading to technically underpinned and cost effective solutions. She started her own consulting firm to provide creative solutions in solving complex environmental challenges domestically and internationally with both private and public organizations. She has extensive hands-on in the field experience at many DOE sites and has supported a number of emerging nuclear power nations to develop legal and regulatory structures and national policies to deliver safe and effective solutions to develop nuclear expertise for peaceful purposes. Her international work has included producing draft national regulations for foreign governments in areas of nuclear safety, environmental protection and nuclear liability issues and is a recognized leader for innovative stakeholder outreach strategies in diverse and difficult regulatory structures.

Ms. White holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Kansas and a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering/Health Physics from the University of Missouri-Columbia.