Anne Marie White

Assistant Secretary for the Office of Environmental Management

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Anne Marie White was sworn in March 29, 2018 as the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Environmental Management (EM). As Assistant Secretary, Ms. White provides leadership for the safe cleanup of the environmental legacy brought about from five decades of nuclear weapons development and government-sponsored nuclear energy research.

Ms. White has more than 25 years of experience across a broad range of activities within the nuclear field with industry-recognized credentials in characterization and disposition of radiologically contaminated sites; dose modeling and assessment; and data analysis and integration leading to technically underpinned and cost effective solutions. She is also recognized for innovating stakeholder outreach strategies in diverse and difficult regulatory structures.

She is the founder of Bastet Technical Services, LLC., a consulting firm that has been engaged in providing strategic solutions to solve complex environmental challenges across the DOE complex.  

Ms. White has extensive hands-on in the field experience at many DOE sites including West Valley Demonstration Project, Nevada Nuclear Security Site, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Further, Ms. White has supported a number of emerging nuclear power nations to develop legal and regulatory structures and national policies to deliver safe and effective solutions to develop nuclear expertise for peaceful purposes. Her international work has included producing draft national regulations for foreign governments in areas of nuclear safety, environmental protection and nuclear liability issues for the governments of Singapore, Romania, and Malaysia.

Ms. White holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Kansas and a Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering/Health Physics from the University of Missouri-Columbia.