Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS)

Office of Environmental Management

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The CPAR assesses a contractor’s performance, both positive and negative, and provides a record on a given contract during a specified period of time. Each assessment must be based on objective data (or measurable, subjective data when objective data is not available) supportable by program and contract management data. The CPARS process is designed with a series of checks-and-balances to facilitate the objective and consistent evaluation of contractor performance. Both Government and contractor perspectives are captured on the CPAR form. The opportunity to review/comment on the CPAR by the designated Government and contractor personnel together makes a complete CPAR.

The Basic Workflow for processing contractor’s assessments is:

Step1: Contract Registration – Input/Register and Administrative Contract Information
Step 2: Assessing Official or Assessing Official Rep – Initiate CPAR and Enter Proposed Ratings and Narratives
Step 3: Assessing Officials – Validate Proposed Ratings and Narratives, Sign and Sent to Contractor
Step 4: Contracting Representative - Provide Comments and Indicate Concurrence, Non Concurrence
Step 5: Assessing Officials – Review Contractors Comments and Modify CPARS if Required, Close if Not Continuous
Step 6: Reviewing Official – Provide Comments and Close if Applicable

Responsibility for completing quality CPARs in a timely manner rests with the Contracting Officer (CO) or the equivalent individual responsible for the program, project, or task/job/delivery order execution.

The Focal Point is responsible for the collection, distribution, and control of assessments. Focal Points are key players in the success of the CPARS automated process. Focal Point access is granted only upon the completion of a signed Focal Point User Access Request Form available at https:/ Focal Points coordinate CPARS access (create User IDs/passwords) for a specifically assigned area of responsibility. The Focal Point must be logged onto the correct module (CPARS, ACASS, CCASS or FAPIIS) in order to provide access to that module. The Focal Point is also authorized to register contracts that will require a contractor performance assessment. The Focal Point assists the Assessing Official in implementing the automated CPARS process by providing training and helping with administrative matters to ensure that assessments are completed in a timely manner and are of high quality.

All CPARS information is treated as “For Official Use Only/Source Selection Information in accordance with FAR 2.101 and 3.104”. A CPAR is source selection information because it is in constant use to support ongoing source selections and contains sensitive data concerning a contractor and its performance. A CPAR has the unique characteristic of always being pre-decisional in nature. Access to the CPARS and other performance information will be restricted to those individuals with an official need to know.

The attached CPARS User Manual link: is provided by the Department of Defense for those agencies that use CPARS as a contractor assessment reporting tool. The CPARS system is a web-enabled application that is accessed via the Internet website

The application consists of an Internet web server and a dedicated CPARS application server. By definition, CPARS information is Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU). To protect the security of CPARS information, all actual data entered into and retrieved from the application is encrypted using the security features incorporated into the web browser. Access to this system requires a browser, which supports 128-bit encryption (sometimes referred to as strong encryption or U.S. only encryption), such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher. Additional details on browser requirements and security are available at

The purpose of this manual is to provide working-level procedures for entering, updating, revising, and viewing information in the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) Automated Information System (AIS). Detailed requirements of the CPARS business processes are contained in the CPARS policy guide. This system was developed to support the electronic processing of Contractor Performance Assessment Reports.