The ETEC Site is located at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) in Simi Valley, outside of Los Angeles, California. From the 1950s until 1988, DOE and its predecessor agencies conducted nuclear and liquid metals research at the 90-acre ETEC Site. While DOE does not own any land at the SSFL (today owned by The Boeing Company), the Department is responsible for demolition of the DOE-owned buildings and remediation of the 290 acres of the ETEC Site and the associated Northern Buffer Zone. At the beginning of 2021, there were six DOE-owned buildings remaining to be addressed, along with final soil and groundwater remediation activities.

The cleanup of ETEC is regulated by the State of California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) and other affiliated agencies.

Listing of Calendar Year 2020 Accomplishments at ETEC

Planned Cleanup Scope 2021–2031

In 2021, EM expects to complete the demolition of all remaining DOE-owned buildings at the site. Over the coming decade, EM plans to initiate final groundwater treatment approaches, complete a ROD for soils cleanup, and begin soil remediation.

Photo of the 4 remaining DOE owned buildings scheduled for demolition.
Building debris is loaded onto a truck to be hauled off-site for disposal.
Inside these containers, building debris is loaded onto a truck to be hauled off-site for disposal.

Key Regulatory Milestones 2021–2031

In 2010, DOE signed an Administrative Order on Consent with California regulators that required soil remediation activities to be completed by 2017. EM is actively working with California regulators on a path forward for soil remediation activities.

In May 2020, DOE and the DTSC reached a consent order for the demolition of 10 of the DOE-owned buildings at ETEC. In November 2020, the two parties amended the consent order to cover the demolition of the remaining eight DOE-owned buildings to proceed.

In 2020, DOE demolished 12 buildings at ETEC, including at 10 buildings that made up the RMHF, which is shown in the foreground of this photo.
Post-2031 ETEC Cleanup Scope
These asphalt and concrete slabs are what remains after the RMHF buildings were demolished, moving the ETEC project closer to its goal.

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