2015 DOE National Cleanup Workshop

Office of Environmental Management

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DOE, in cooperation with the Energy Communities Alliance and the Energy Facility Contractors Group, held the first DOE National Cleanup Workshop on Sept. 29 & 30, 2015, in the Washington, D.C. area.

The workshop brought together senior DOE executives, officials from DOE sites, industry executives, and other stakeholders to discuss EM’s progress in the cleanup of the environmental legacy of the nation’s Manhattan Project and Cold War nuclear weapons program.

The workshop focused on major cleanup successes planned for the next two years, contract and project management improvement, efforts to develop new cleanup technologies, and more.

Registered Attendees 
2015 DOE National Cleanup Workshop Photos 


Opening Remarks - Bob Cochran - Achieving Excellence in Management and Operations 
Charting the Course for Major EM Successes in 2016-2017 
Eliminating High Risk Work at Hanford 
Washington Closure Hanford: Cleanup Progress Along Hanford's River Corridor
ETTP Cleanup and Reindustrialization Finishing What We Started  
Construction of Salt Waste Processing Facility (SWPF) 
Resuming Operations at WIPP 
Legacy Cleanup Completion Project
WIPP - Idaho Impacts 
Resuming Operations at WIPP and the National TRU Program 
Enabling Innovation in Our Mission 
Office of River Protection's (ORP) Path to Reinvigorating Technology Development 
Innovation for EM Mission Success 
SEAB Task Force on EM Technology Development
Managing Large Capital Projects 
Waste Treatment Plant Project 
A Big Step Increase in the EM Technology Development (TD) Program - Opening 
A Big Step Increase in the EM Technology Development (TD) Program - Closing 
Addressing Deferred Maintenance, Infrastructure Costs, and Excess Facilities at Portsmouth and Paducah 
Update on Procurement Opportunities and Acquisition Process 
DOE Acquisition Outlook and Challenges