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The Nuclear Safety Information (NSI) Dashboard provides a new user interface to the Occurrence Reporting and Processing System (ORPS) to easily identify, organize, and analyze nuclear safety-related events reported into ORPS. The NSI Dashboard displays information developed from occurrence information reported into DOE's ORPS database. Events or conditions associated with nuclear safety are reported into ORPS, assigned unique ORPS reporting criteria and used for trending.

ORPS reporting criteria are assigned a weighted value to indicate their relative importance to nuclear safety; associated ORPS reporting criteria are combined in key groups and charted over time to index trends in nuclear safety. This information can be analyzed at the contractor, site, Program Office, and DOE level to identify trends and, using insights from current events and nature of operations, enable further evaluation to prevent potential high consequence events.

Individual groups or a composite of any combination of groups can be conveniently displayed and made available for analysis using the NSI Dashboard.


Pilot Project - NSI Dashboard: Real Time Fiscal Year - Launch