Samuel N. Callahan

Mr. Samuel N. Callahan is the Energy Department’s Director, Office of Security within the Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security.  He manages and directs safeguards and security professionals responsible for Departmental safeguards and security policies, personnel security policy, safeguards and security assistance to field and headquarters elements, and the development of the Department’s Design Basis Threat policy.  His organization conducts and assists sites with the conduct of vulnerability assessments, risk assessments, security technology identification and deployment, and performance testing. 

Over the past 33 years with the Department of Energy (DOE), Mr. Callahan has held a number of senior management positions in Departmental safeguards and security operations; from the Branch Chief, Strategic Threat Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis, Office of Safeguards and Security, to the Director of the Office of Security, the position in which he serves now.  He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering.