Photo of James A. Hutton, Director, Office of Headquarters Security Operations

James Hutton has a combination of 40 years of civilian and military nuclear safety experience and training, and currently serves as Director, Office of Headquarters Security Operations in the DOE Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security.  He previously served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Safety, Security and Quality Assurance in the DOE Office of Environmental Management.  DOE specific experience includes participating in and leading Environmental Management Headquarters (EM HQ) oversight assessments and reviews at EM sites and various facilities, review of implementation of DSA and TSR nuclear safety requirements and controls, review of hazard categorization reports and DSA revisions, has led and participated in Operational Readiness Reviews at DOE EM facilities, and led the DOE effort to improve and institutionalize Safety Culture.  He is qualified under the DOE Technical Qualification Program as a Senior Technical Safety Manager and as a Nuclear Safety Specialist.

Commercial nuclear power training and experience includes managing and performing commercial nuclear plant operations, engineering, reactor engineering, procedure development, design, construction, startup, testing, maintenance, personnel qualification, training, refueling, emergency preparedness, chemistry, environmental compliance, licensing, safety and accident analysis, criticality safety, radiological protection, corrective action management, and radioactive waste packaging and shipping. Examined and licensed by NRC for 14 years as a BWR Senior Reactor Operator. Commercial nuclear plant positions held include Shift Manager and Operations Manager at a dual BWR reactor power plant, Licensing Director for 8 reactors at 5 sites, and Plant General Manager at 3 sites with 4 BWR reactors with overall responsibility for nuclear safety, security, reactor safety, personnel safety, protecting public health and safety, environmental and regulatory compliance and authorizing plant operation and startup.  Served as Plant Operations Safety Review Committee Chairman at four commercial nuclear power plant sites and Nuclear Safety Review Board Member at six sites.  Served as Fleet Operations Steering Committee member for Utilities Services Alliance plants.  Attended INPO Shift Manager Professional Development Course and participated in INPO evaluations.  Led and participated in operational safety assessments at various commercial nuclear power plants.  Participated in various commercial nuclear industry working groups and committees.

Military training and experience as a Naval Officer includes Naval Nuclear Power Training, qualifying to operate and supervising 4 different Naval Nuclear Propulsion Plants and qualifying for assignment as Chief Engineer of a nuclear powered ship.

Formal education and certifications include Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Lafayette College, Master of Business Administration from Villanova University, Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from MIT Sloan School of Management, Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, and NRC Licensed Senior Reactor Operator.