Shipping Halon To The Defense Logistics Agency Halon Repository

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December 1999

The DOE Halon Repository at the Savannah River Site (SRS) has enough Halon 1301 in reserve to service the identified needs of the DOE complex and therefore no longer accepts excess Halon from other DOE sites. Disposition of excess Halon 1301 is now done in accordance with Executive Order 13148— “Greening the Government Through Leadership in Environmental Management ”, Section 505(c) which states:

(c) Each agency shall amend its personal property management policies and procedures to preclude disposal of ozone depleting substances removed or reclaimed from its facilities or equipment, including disposal as part of a contract, trade, or donation, without prior coordination with the Department of Defense (DoD). Where the recovered ozone-depleting substance is a critical requirement for DoD missions, the agency shall transfer the materials to the DoD. The DoD will bear the costs of such transfer.

All excess Halon shall be provided to the DoD via the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).