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Matt Moury speaks at SRR safety recognition event on June 28, 2018
Matt Moury speaks at SRR safety recognition event on June 28, 2018

Matthew Moury, U.S. Department of Energy Environmental Management Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety and Security recognized Savannah River Remediation (SRR) employees in a June 28 event at Savannah River Site (SRS) on setting a record for surpassing 8.7 million operational hours and 30 million construction hours without injury resulting in a day of missed work.

Mr. Moury joined DOE-Savannah River Manager Michael Budney, AECOM Nuclear and Environment Strategic Business Unit Chief Operating Officer Mark Whitney, and SRR President and Project Manager Tom Foster who spoke to about 1500 employees and stakeholders about the importance of SRS’s liquid waste mission and safety record setting accomplishments.

Safety culture was acknowledged as a significant attribute to SRR’s exemplary safety record.  In Aiken Standard’s news release it was stated that, “The achievement underscores DOE’s continuing commitment to a strong safety culture”. 

Matt Moury, who is also the co-chair for DOE’s Safety Culture Improvement Panel, stated “One way the Department of Energy is committed to excellence in safety is by fostering a safe work environment in all operations at SRS.  It is an expectation that a positive safety culture is felt and communicated by every employee”.

“SRR President and Project Manager Tom Foster said the safety records are a direct result of the strong safety culture at the site.  SRR is successfully moving the liquid waste mission forward because of a strong safety culture that each of you embody and then impress upon others. This safety culture is embedded into the hearts of the workforce…You are a learning organization populated with people willing to stop and answer the tough questions. You have proven that such a culture yields the most successful outcome.”

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