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GreenBuy Winners - 2018
From L to R: Shab Fardanesh, AU-21 Sustainable Acquisition Lead; MaryRose Montalvo, LANL; Suzy Belmont, NREL; , Kathryn Morrison, PPPL; Josh Silverman, AU-20 Director.

The Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security (AU) launched the voluntary GreenBuy Award Program in 2010 to recognize sites for excellence in “green purchasing” that extends beyond minimum compliance requirements.  By participating in the GreenBuy Program, DOE sites leverage the Federal government’s purchasing dollars to achieve mission goals while improving the marketplace for greener products and reducing the overall environmental impacts of DOE’s operations.

Since its inception, dozens of DOE sites have earned a GreenBuy Award.  However, only four have achieved Gold-level Awards, the Program’s highest level, over multiple years.  In 2018, the Office of Sustainable Environmental Stewardship (AU-21) developed new GreenBuy Award categories to recognize these multiple gold award achievers.   Sites can achieve a GreenBuy Prime Award for earning three Gold awards; a Superior Award for earning five Gold Awards; and, projecting into the future, an Elite Award for earning ten golds.

On August 24, Office of Environmental Protection and ES&H Reporting (AU-20) Director, Josh Silverman, presented GreenBuy Prime Awards to Los Alamos National Laboratory, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and the Office of Scientific and Technical Information.  Each of these DOE sites has won a GreenBuy Gold award three times.  Dr. Silverman also presented a GreenBuy Superior Award to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL); NREL has earned five GreenBuy Gold Awards.  The awards were presented at the Energy Facility Contractors Group Sustainability and Environmental Subgroup Meeting, which was held during the Energy Exchange and Better Buildings Summit in Cleveland, Ohio.