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These curricula are designed to be comprehensive, yet flexible tools useful to both new and experienced instructors. A new instructor can download the entire module for a comprehensive training session. Experienced trainers may only want to download specific sections to beef up their existing presentations. 

Watch the WxTV "Tour of the Standardized Curricula" episode* to learn more.

Note: The standardized curriculum was last updated on the dates listed within the presentation and lesson plan files. Instructors are encouraged to verify any specific action levels and work standards to ensure they meet current standards, or update accordingly. References and links to the National Weatherization Training Platform (NWTP) and/or the National Training and Education Resource (NTER) are no longer valid, as those resources are no longer maintained.

Learn more about the WAP Job Tasks Analyses

If you are applying for training center accreditation, you will need to show that your curricula addresses all of the Job Tasks defined for the job category. The standardized curricula modules designated as 2.0 have been aligned with the Job Task Analyses (JTAs) for the 4 job categories of Installer/Technician, Crew Leader, Energy Auditor and Quality Control Inspector. To make integration with your existing materials easier, we've included a Master Bibliography in each of those modules with one tab showing exactly which chapters cover which JTAs.

Review and download the full JTA for any of the job categories.

NOTICE: All materials published here aligned with current DOE guidance at the time of writing. However, new guidance has since been released. Always refer to the most recent guidance addressing any issue.

*Note ‐ the CD referred to in the WxTV video is no longer available.