WAP Management Training Resources

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Access training videos and download files on WAP Management. To view other trainings, visit the Program Updates and Training Resources web page.

WAP Training: PY20 Draft Annual Application Changes

PY20 Draft Annual Application Changes

This video covers the application changes outlined in the WPN 20-1 Program Guidance as well as the application instructions and the ALRD.




American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Grantee Survey Results

ACSI Grantee Survey Results

WAP briefing by CFI, the organization that developed and implements the ACSI tool, to review the Grantee Survey Results.




WAP Training: Weatherization PAGE Enhancements

Weatherization PAGE Enhancements

Demonstrates the new enhancements that were made in PAGE to assist Weatherization Grantees when they are creating their budget allocations for a new Weatherization grant cycle.



WAP Training: Training & Technical Assistance Planning & Reporting Template

Training & Technical Assistance (T&TA) Planning & Reporting Template

Reviews a new optional template DOE developed to assist Weatherization Assistance Program Grantees to plan their annual T&TA plan. Download the template.


WAP Training: Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

A summary webinar on the programmatic prototype agreements, renewing those agreements, and on the annual Historic Preservation report.


Grantee Planning Calendar

Reviews the important factors to develop a plan and breaks down the grant planning calendar cycle. Download the presentation.