The Weatherization Assistance Program's (WAP) comprehensive Quality Work Plan establishes a benchmark for quality home energy upgrades. The plan includes a training requirement that all WAP Grantees must meet. In this section you will learn more about this requirement and find resources and examples to help you meet this obligation in the field.


Beginning in Program Year 2014, Grantee training plans must include comprehensive training for all Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) workers that are aligned with the Job Task Analysis (JTA) for the position in which the worker is employed.

How to Meet this Requirement

  • Training plans must address two distinct categories:
    • Tier 1 Training—Comprehensive, occupation-specific training that follows a curriculum aligned with the JTA for that occupation. Tier 1 training must be administered by, or in cooperation with, a training program that is accredited by a DOE-approved accreditation organization for the JTA being taught
    • Tier 2 Training—Single-issue, short-term, training to address acute deficiencies in the field such as dense packing, crawlspace, ASHRAE, etc. Conference trainings are included in this category.
  • Training Plans must ensure that all Weatherization field staff receives regular Tier 1 training. Each Grantee will decide on the regularity of training based on workforce needs and availability of funds. The training plan should include an analysis of training needs and a plan for meeting those needs over a defined period of time, which can span multiple Program Years.
  • Tier 2 training can be provided on an as-needed basis, however, the majority of worker training should occur in Tier 1.

Grantee Checklist

This document walks Grantees through the Training requirement of the Quality Work Plan.

Resources for Meeting this Requirement

Grantees should refer to the above Checklist for the Training Requirement, however these resources may also be of assistance.

The national network of Weatherization Training Centers may also offer training to prepare for the Home Energy Professional Certification exams. For more information, contact a Weatherization Training Center near you.

Examples from the WAP Network

The National Renewable Energy Lab and the U.S. Department of Energy are currently seeking the below resources to further support the WAP network. Materials can be submitted to

  • Sample training plans
  • Testimonials on meeting this requirement.

Time Line

  • 2014 Grantee Plan — Grantees must provide a Grantee training plan to ensure that all training meets the requirement outlined in this section. All DOE funded Tier 1 training will be provided by DOE-approved accredited training programs. Accredited training can be administered in a number of ways including traveling training programs, distance learning programs and other options approved by DOE.
  • Beginning of Grantee’s Program Year 2015 — All Tier 1 training paid for with WAP T&TA funds must meet the requirements of this section.


Programs which do not install envelope measures:
The state of Hawaii and US recognized territories must submit an alternate training and evaluation plan to ensure that the individuals performing quality control inspections in these locations are adequately trained and skilled to inspect in accordance with the SWS. Grantees should work with the DOE Project Officers to ensure that all aspects of the training plan meet the overall intent of this WPN.