Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program Success Stories

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Read Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program success stories.

August 25, 2014
Pictured here is one of the solar arrays that is providing New Bedford with clean, renewable energy to power its municipally owned buildings. This ground-mounted solar array is built on a brownfield site. | Photo courtesy of Con Edison Solutions.
EECBG Success Story: New Bedford Builds Foundation for Energy-Centric Economic Development

New Bedford, Massachusetts designed and implemented a modern energy infrastructure to provide power to municipally owned buildings from an Energy...

April 17, 2014
Upgrades such as new energy efficient lighting have helped slash energy use at the RiverCentre parking ramp in St. Paul, Minnesota by 50%. | Photo courtesy of City of St. Paul
EECBG Success Story: St. Paul Parking Ramp Serves as a Model for Sustainability

The RiverCentre parking ramp in St. Paul, Minnesota, is racking up big savings. Energy-efficient improvements made to the structure by state and...

March 25, 2014
A worker installs energy-saving streetlights on Colorado Avenue. | Photo courtesy of Springs Sustainability
EECBG Success Story: Colorado Springs Gets an Energy Saving-Facelift

In 2009, the city of Colorado Springs received $3.6 million in Recovery Act funding from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)...

August 28, 2013
Thanks to the Energy Department's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program, the city of Dallas has improved the efficiency of more than 200 city-owned buildings, saving $1 million a year in energy costs. | Photo courtesy of the City of Dallas.
EECBG Success Story: Dallas: Building a Greener City

To support Dallas' rapid growth, develop a sustainable community, and reduce the city's impact on the electrical grid, Dallas created the Green...

July 9, 2013
Thanks to funding from the Energy Department's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program, Ormond Beach was able to make energy efficiency upgrades to 16 city-owned buildings and is now saving more than $45,000 a year on its energy costs. | Photo courtesy of the City of Ormond Beach, Florida.
EECBG Success Story: Ormond Beach Triples Energy Cost Savings Projections

With the help of the Energy Department’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program, Ormond Beach, Florida, is saving energy...

March 1, 2013
Using money from the Energy Efficiency Block Grant Program, St. Louis installed new LED fixtures in the City Hall parking structure. The new lights deliver more useful light and use nearly 83 percent less power than the previous lights. | Photo courtesy of John Wm Nagel, Photography.
EECBG Success Story: St. Louis Launches Plan for More Sustainable Community

St. Louis -- regarded as the Gateway to the West -- is also becoming the gateway to sustainability for the state of Missouri. Learn more.

February 27, 2013
Smart for Life received a loan from Palm Beach County’s revolving loan fund program to expand its production facility and boost its overall energy efficiency. | Photo courtesy of Craig Stephens, Palm Beach County.
EECBG Success Story: Palm Beach County Sees Energy-Smart Economic Growth

Palm Beach County is a prime example of a community that is embracing energy savings to spur economic development. Learn more.

February 11, 2013
The Port of Milwaukee's wind turbine not only generates power for the Port Administration building, it also serves as a tool to educate the community about wind power. | Photo courtesy of the Port of Milwaukee.
EECBG Success Story: Milwaukee Reaps Benefits of Wind Energy

On the shore of Lake Michigan, a 154-foot wind turbine symbolizes Milwaukee’s strategic plan of moving forward with clean, renewable energy. Learn...

January 22, 2013
Kent County Correctional Facility is saving energy and money with a new closed-loop geothermal system. | Photo courtesy of Kent County Administrator's Office.
EECBG Success Story: A Michigan County Unearths Savings with Geothermal Energy

Looking at the Kent County Correctional Facility in Michigan you would never know that underneath the complex is a technology that is saving...

January 7, 2013
Seniors check out the new energy-efficient fitness facility at the Rockville Senior Center. | Photo courtesy of Chris Galm, Energy Department.
EECBG Success Story: Saving Energy and Keeping Seniors Warm This Season

The Greater Randolph Senior Center in Bexar County, Texas and Rockville Senior Center in Rockville, Maryland received energy efficiency...

November 28, 2012
With a grant from the Energy Department's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program, the community of Ocean View, Delaware, installed a carport-mounted solar array that is saving taxpayers money on town utility bills. | Photo courtesy of the Town of Ocean View.
EECBG Success Story: Delaware Community Saves with Solar

Beach season may have ended months ago, but just a short jaunt from the shore, an administration building in Ocean View, Delaware, is soaking up...

October 3, 2012
Members of the community gathered to celebrate the opening of the Aztec Calendar Pavilion, the first renewable energy education project in El Paso, Texas. | Photo courtesy of the City of El Paso.
EECBG Success Story: Increasing Solar Energy Awareness in El Paso

With nearly 300 sunny days a year, El Paso, Texas, is an ideal location for solar energy installations, which is why the city recently launched its...

September 19, 2012
The completed Nashville Bridge Company's building includes a geothermal heat pump system to keep public energy costs low. | Photo courtesy of David Powell, AIA.
EECBG Success Story: Nashville Turns an Eyesore into an Energy-Efficient Asset

The Nashville Bridge company's building (NABRICO) in Tennessee installed a geothermal heat pump system as part of a complete retrofit to the...

September 12, 2012
Boaz, Alabama Mayor Tim Walker, along with state representatives and community leaders, cut the ribbon for the state's solar LED light pilot project. | Photo courtesy of Lionel Green, Sand Mountain Reporter.
EECBG Success Story: Solar LED Light Pilot Project Illuminates the Way in Alabama

A strip of new solar-powered LED streetlights in Boaz, Alabama were installed with grant funds from the Alabama Department of Economic and...

August 27, 2012
The community of Vernonia, Oregon, celebrates the opening of a new energy efficient school. | Photo courtesy of April Baer, OPB.
EECBG Success Story: Energy Efficiency Upgrades Part of Winning Formula for Oregon School District

The rural community of Vernonia, Oregon is incorporating energy efficiency measures into the school district buildings, including an energy...

July 30, 2012
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the Founding Partners of Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge sign commitments to reduce energy use in their buildings. | Photo courtesy of the city of Los Angeles.
EECBG Success Story: The City of Los Angeles Has Its Spotlight on Energy Efficiency

Los Angeles -- a city known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” -- now has its spotlight on energy efficiency. The city of Los Angeles held...

June 7, 2012
Franklin County Courthouse (After): The fully-restored main courtroom includes original 1930s paint colors and reproduction lighting. | Photo courtesy of Sallie Glaize
EECBG Success Story: Reducing Energy Costs and Rebuilding the Past

In 1969, the Franklin County Courthouse in Union, Missouri was destroyed by a bomb. Thanks to an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant,...

May 15, 2012
Workers install the final LED streetlight for DC's EECBG-funded energy efficient lighting upgrade. | Energy Department photo, credit Chris Galm.
EECBG Success Story: Brighter Lights, Safer Streets

Thanks to support from an Energy Department Recovery Act grant, Washington, DC streets are becoming brighter. These energy efficiency upgrades are...

March 21, 2012
Thanks to the City Lights Program, this design shop is saving an estimated 25,500 kilowatt-hours and $2,000 on electricity bills each year. | Photo Credit: City of San Antonio
EECBG Success Story: San Antonio Small Businesses "Seeing the Light" with Energy Upgrades

As part of San Antonio’s “Mission Verde” initiative, the city launched the City Lights Small Business Lighting Retrofit Program using Recovery Act...

March 20, 2012
Police cars in Tallahassee, FL are using EECBG funding from the Recovery Act to reduce idle time and save fuel and taxpayer money. | Courtesy of Tallahassee Police Department
EECBG Success Story: Saving Gas While Fighting Crime in Tallahassee

The City of Tallahassee, Florida's Fleet Management Division has designed and built its own Less Idle Time package for 27 police cars using EECBG...

March 8, 2012
Andy Mitchell, Public Works Project Manager for the City of Oklahoma City, refills a vehicle at the new fast-fill CNG fueling station located at the city's main maintenance facility. | Courtesy of the City of Oklahoma City.
EECBG Success Story: CNG in OKC: Improving Efficiency at the Pump and on the Road

Oklahoma has been known for its close association with petroleum. Oklahoma City is changing that view and working to convert a portion of its...

January 17, 2012
An aerial view of the Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant in Austin, Texas. | Photo courtesy of Austin Water.
EECBG Success Story: Austin Using Green Innovation to Beat the Utility Blues

Austin used $1.2 million of its Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to replace the old...

December 23, 2011
The city of North Pole, Alaska, is hoping to use $100,000 in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funds to improve the energy efficiency of several key city facilities.| Photo courtesy of the North Pole Fire Department.
EECBG Success Story: North Pole's Holiday Wish for an Energy Efficient 2012

Up in the iconic community of North Pole, Alaska, the city leaders have made their energy efficiency upgrade wish list, and now state auditors are ...

December 20, 2011
Carolers sing in front of Forest Acres, South Carolina's new LED holiday light display. | Photo courtesy of Richland County, S.C.
EECBG Success Story: South Carolina Community Lights Up the Season with Energy-Efficient Holiday Lights

A South Carolina community is proving that energy efficiency can improve the holidays by reducing energy and maintenance costs, thanks to its new...

December 7, 2011
Downtown Smyrna, Georgia, a town that's poised to see big savings thanks to their investment in biodiesel. | Photo by Ken Cook
EECBG Success Story: Atlanta Suburb Greases the Path to Savings with Biodiesel

Downtown Smyrna, Georgia is using $184,000 of the city’s $208,000 in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funding to create space for two...