WAP Memorandum 015: Weatherization Financial Toolkit – 2 CFR 200 Regulations and Procurement Procedures

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This Memorandum serves to update and supersede the Financial Toolkit, previously issued in Weatherization Program Notice (WPN) 12-4, Weatherization Assistance Program Financial Management Training Toolkit dated December 9, 2011, and the Procurement Toolkit previously issued in WPN 10-3, Procurement Toolkit CD, dated October 30, 2009.

1.   2CFR200: Know your regulations
a.   Sample Financial Policies and Procedures
b.  Financial Management Training Manuals
  i.    One Day Curriculum
            1.     Trainer’s Manual 
            2.     Participant’s Manual
  ii.    Three Hour Curriculum
            1.     Trainer’s Manual
            2.     Participant’s Manual 
c.  Financial Management PowerPoint
d.  Financial Management Participant Activities

2.     Procurement 
a.  Sample Procurement Policies and Procedures
b.  Procurement Training Manuals 
            i.     One Day Curriculum 
                        1.     Trainer’s Manual
                        2.     Participant’s Manual
            ii.     Three Hour Curriculum 
                        1.     Trainer’s Manual
                        2.     Participant’s Manual
c.   Procurement PowerPoint
d.   Procurement Participant Activities
e.   Procurement Toolkit PDF
3.     Agency “Self-Assessment” Tool