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Five years after its initial release, wind industry leaders reflect on the impacts of the 2008 20% Wind Energy by 2030 study. Video from the Wind Energy Foundation.

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The video opens with the "Wind Energy Foundation" logo.

The first slide shows the first report published and its cover:

20% Wind Energy by 2030: Increasing Wind Energy's Contribution to U.S. Electricity Supply
July 2008

Five years later…
The Impacts of the 20% Wind Energy by 2030 Study

The video switches to show interviews with individuals in the wind industry.

Dr. Jim Walker, Vice Chairman, EDF Renewable Energy
"Well in 2008 when this study came out it was called 20% Wind Energy by 2030. It was immediately recognized as a landmark study. It came out in the Bush Administration but has been relevant right through to the current date. But now times have changed and conditions have changed. What this study showed that we could get as much of our electricity from wind energy as we now get from nuclear power. That puts us in the main stream power source category, and that's tremendous."

Rob Gramlich, Senior VP, Public Policy, American Wind Energy Association
"Well the report galvanized a lot of activity that has put us on the pathway and now allowed us to grow six fold from where we were at that time. One example is transmission. The report showed how much transmission is needed. Well now we have sixty gigawatts worth of transmission being built and it all started with that report."

Gabriel Alonso, CEO, EDP Renewables North America LLC
"Our industry invested up to 25 billion dollars per year in new wind farms creating thousands of new jobs and 550 manufacturing plants. And today for every new turbine we installed in our country, 70% is manufactured locally.

The 2008 DOE report showed that wind was a mainstream source of electricity and a major engine for economic growth."

The last slide shows the contact information for the foundation:

Wind Energy Foundation
1501 M Street NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 2005