Wind Vision

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Take a fly-by tour with this video animation focused on visualizing the Wind Vision project's main question: What will the future of wind energy in the United States look like? Animated video for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Wind program.

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We see Earth, and then zoom down to the shoreline of Massachusetts. The animation pans through the ocean, showing offshore wind turbines turning in the wind. It plunges beneath the waterline to show how the turbines are tethered to the ocean floor. The animation cuts away to show barges carrying the turbine blades. It pans again to show a turbine blade being produced.

The scene changes again to show a wind farm on land, showing different heights of turbines. It compares the statistics. Current technology: 100-meter rotor diameters and 80-meter tower heights. Future wind technology:  180-meter rotor diameters and 120-meter tower heights.

Finally, the animation pans back out, zooming out to show the earth from space as the United States is lit up from shore to shore.