POET Webinar Series: US West Coast Floating Wind and Cetaceans: Baseline Data, Risks, and Moving Forward

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July 2, 2020 10:00AM to 11:45AM PDT

This Pacific Ocean Energy Trust webinar will describe the existing data, ongoing modeling efforts, potential risks, and recommendations to better understand risks, mitigation, and monitoring opportunities for west coast cetaceans as offshore wind begins to develop. Speakers will dive into potential issues with entanglement in derelict gear that could become ensnared in subsea cables and mooring lines, along with the risks of interactions between already entangled animals and infrastructure, and discuss potential for collision with structures. The webinar will provide insight into how the 20+ year dataset in the California Current System has fed habitat models of cetacean density and use patterns that can be used to predict species distributions and mitigate impacts. We will also make modeling, mitigation, and monitoring recommendations based on years of field experience.

Speakers include:

  • Sarah Courbis, Marine Protected Species and Regulatory Specialist, Advisian
  • Mari Smultea, CEO & Chief Scientist, Smultea Sciences
  • Dan Lawson, Marine Mammal Authorization Program, NOAA
  • Jessica Redfern, Senior Scientist and Chair of the Spatial Ecology
  • Mapping, and Assessment Program (EcoMap), Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life
  • Molly Grear, Ocean Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Lysel Garavelli, Biological Oceanographer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Andrea Copping, Senior Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Pre-registration is required.