In Summer 2021, WETO hosted the Wind Systems Integration Workshop to inform WETO’s renewable systems integration research priorities and to accelerate near-term, rapid deployment and integration of wind technologies at both the transmission and distribution levels. The workshop report summarizes the proceedings, key themes, and research challenges and opportunities for grid services, modeling and decision-support tools, power electronics, and energy equity.

Workshop participants identified the following key research challenges and opportunities:

  • Grid services, power electronics, and decision-support tools are important overlapping research opportunities.
  • New transmission and coordinated grid planning can facilitate increased wind integration.
  • Energy equity principles can be incorporated into wind integration research.
  • Grid services needs are evolving.
  • Enhanced decision-support tools are needed.
  • Power electronics are needed to support power delivery and performance and cost reduction.
  • Opportunities for better coordination between transmission and distribution systems are available.

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